Choose a perfect Domain for your business.

Choosing a domain name might seem easy and simple , but there are several essential factors that should be taken care of before opting a domain name for your business. Choosing the correct domain name is the first step to establish your online business. Don’t get fooled by assuming that this is as simple as registering into any social networking site. There are several considerations before registering a domain name. We’ll guide you how you can register the correct domain for your business.

Type of Domains

The first and foremost step is to visualize a domain name according to your service requirement. The obvious option that you have is “”, but there are various other concerns. There are many extensions available such as – .com, .edu, .org, .asn., info, .gov, .net., biz. etc.. Some of them are used for organizations, government, institutes, education etc. as per the suitability of the business that you have.  From these domains “.com” or the “.in” domain are widely used and recognizable extension. Always make sure that you protect your online integrity, and choose  “.in” or “.com” extension for your website.

Domain name and trademarks

Its highly advisable that prior  registering a domain you must test to make sure that there is no probable trademark violation to that particular domain. Being an applicant it is your foremost duty to ensure that the domain which are about to register does not violate the trademark registration. Always search for the trademark , before registering a perfect domain for your company and make sure that they are not already registered.

Choose Correct Domain
Choose Perfect Domain

Trademark infringement

Trademark infringement arises when you purchase a domain name that is similar to a trademark of domain that is already registered.

For more information about trademarks in India go to – IPAustralia. Registering “” domain you need to have the below details :

  • Company name
  • Business name
  • Address details
  • Contact details
  • Credit card details (if you choose to purchase online)
Perfect Domain for your company
Domain name of a website should always be simple and easy to remember. Keep few steps in mind before choosing the Perfect domain name.  some of them are :
Be precise : Grab a domain name that is short, catchy and clear. Instead of putting efforts in remembering bulky and endless domain names, keep them short and simple. This will not only help you, it’ll also proves to be helpful for your customers to remember it and visit your website again.
Be Specific : Unclear and vague domain addresses can puzzle and disorientate the visitors when they will try to recall your website’s name. Instead of searching your website, they may perhaps can also reach to a more applicable and alike site-name, which is not good for your business.
Make it easy : Always remember one thing that your business competitor is just a “back button” away from your targeted audience, and hence its essential that you keep it simple for them to serf your business online. Its good to reduce the amount of efforts that your customer needs to do when they search for your website.
Avoid difficult words : Everyone today desires things that are easy to reach, and less complicated. Customers only purchase goods or services if they are reasonable in price, and consist least amount of hassle. So, keep your brand name simple and identical, that will probably make your business easy reachable. In case if you company name is complicated, use some alike sounding domains, as there are thousands of companies with easy to remember names, So you might loose your customers to them.
Register more domains : Sometime it may be beneficial for your business to have more then a single domain for your business. Using such internet marketing techniques can be useful and beneficial, this can sometime also enhances your online presence that can eventually result in better ranking for your website.
Use general terms: Avoid using number zero (0) in your domain. This can be mistaken from the letter “o”. Similar to this, also don’t use numeric values for alphabets such as – 2 for “to”, 4 for “for”, and u for “you”. These terms can be confuse to your users.
Keeping the credentials safe : Always keep your domain and hosting credentials safely, as you’ll surely be needing those for renewal and other website uploading tasks such as web-mails, FTP details, Database authority & management etc. Ask your website developers to keep them safe.
These specifications will help you choosing the perfect domain name for your business and grow online business.  Moreover, save your domain name from the increasing troubles of domain scams.

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