Google Algorithms in favor of Responsive Websites!!

The increasing volume of mobile users has led big shots of online market, like Google to update and modify their search algorithms. To enhance its services, Google has recently announced an update, which is all about its search algorithms that will now use the factor of mobile friendliness as a signal of ranking. This will be done with effect from 21st of April. Eventually, this announcement will finally result in only those websites crawling high, which are compatible with all the prescribe screen sizes.

The announcement made by the company is somewhat unparalleled, providing a matching date for the roll out along with specific details of change. Google itself has noted that the users must get the most timely and relevant search results, when it comes to mobile browsing, no matter where the information stays, on apps or on web pages. The usage patterns of Google have been changed due to the ongoing trend of people using more of mobile devices to access into the world of internet.

How algorithm change is important to your website?

Effective from the April 21, this change will only affect the mobile searches as of now impacting the search results significantly. The use of mobile-friendliness will be used as a signal of ranking by Google algorithm. Good news in all these buzzes and gossips is that the mobile users will now enjoy and receive search results optimized and relevant with their mobile devices. Therefore, the websites, which have a perfect mobile compatibility, will rise in the SERP on the top.

This is not only a drastic change for the mobile users, but for Google as well. By offering the customers, a world-class mobile experience, Google can boost up itself against its competitors – like Yahoo, Hulu, iOS, Amazon and App Store in the search market.

The enhanced mobile traffic

The inception of 2014 witnessed the outplay of the mobile internet usage over desktop usage, and till then it has only amplified rather than going down. Moreover, more than 70 percent of the business executives now turn to mobile devices to research a product or service relevant to their business. Even Google analytic shows enormously popular results of mobile traffic including industries, like education, financial services, and several others. To everyone’s surprise, the mobile traffic ranged from 10 to 35 percent from January to March 2015, which is certainly amazing. This by and large means that if your website is not mobile optimized, then there are chances of you to lose out almost one-third of the traffic, and this will be a serious threat from April 21.

Google Algorithm

Google Algorithm

An opportunity for businesses

The business and firms, which does not have mobile optimized sites, this news is indeed not very delightful. But, the companies with elegant responsive websites, this is excellent and certainly lucrative news. The change in Google algorithm presents a chance to these mobile-optimized firms to have a strong business advantage over those firms, which have not gone responsive yet. If your company wants to get ahead in the competition, make sure that you have your website optimized according to all the available screen sizes in the market, so that you can fetch more of the mobile search traffic towards your business.

The conclusion

For sometime now, Google algorithm has been hinting at this imminent declaration on mobile, which is finally now commencing soon. It has been endorsing the use of responsive and mobile-friendly designs over the last few years. Moreover, it has also created tools that can test that how optimized is your website according to the mobile devices. Now, with the change that is going to take place soon, it is clear that mobile-friendly websites will carry more weight age over others.
In order to stay relevant in the landscape where multiple mobile-devices are in trend, responsive or mobile optimized sites have become crucial for both user experience and SEO.

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  • Ranjeet Menon
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    This is informative. These days Google is behind every single thing on your website. Can you please coordinate with me over mail and tell me how to enhance my web presence. (My Mail ID – Thanks!

    • For sure Ranjeet. Thanks for your comment and interest.

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